5 Unique Wedding Engagement Ideas For Your Partner

Engagement IdeasWedding is the crucial aspect of one’s life. It marks the beginning of a new era in the existing life. This occasion is extremely special for everybody and therefore its onset need to be very special. We know how much special your partner is for you and to make that moment memorable here are five unique wedding engagement gift ideas.

1. Token Of Love: You need to gift him or her something unique but memorable. Something which she can recall her token of love and can keep it before her eyes every time to make her remind you. Thus engagement gifts are like a task which you have to perform well to leave that mark forever. Diamond ring has become an old say now so you can give a try to round cut pearl ring which is quite modern and antique in the looks. The pearls will describe your love for her because pearls are as soft as your heart. Among the other gifts made for both male and female partners can be little lockets of the initials of the name or heart shaped, there can be pair of fancy silver spoons and on them you can get your words inscribed, pair of hangers denoting love, a beautifully decorated collage of your random pictures and so on which can describe the intensity of your love.

2. Propose It The Loveliest Way: before proposing your partner it is quite sure that you prepare so well. You take a note of the words you going to say, the attire, the gift and so many things. So here are some of the engagement proposal ideas that can help you in deciding which way you going to propose. Though many people use the skywriting technique but it may not be comfortable for your partner at times. So try to keep it a private moment. Getting on knees is the old way but try it in a new way. Buy a box of chocolate and in it keep a ring by replacing one chocolate and as soon as the other opens it up get on your knees and say it warmly. To add adventure to your proposal play a trivia game together and when the bottle turns up to her ask whatever is there in your heart. If you are out with your partner in snow then inscribe on snow the magical words and fill them up with red colored water to highlight. These are some unique ideas which can help you in proposing the way which she would love to remember.

3. Engagement Picture Ideas – Capture It: There would have been surely many moments of your togetherness which you always cherish. And one more occasion is going to add in it when you will propose the other finally. Make sure that you make arrangements to capture this beautiful moment. This is the time which will probably never return in your life so try to make best of it by taking ultimate engagement pictures. The natural flow of feelings and considerations will not be repeated. Choose an appropriate location for wedding engagement. It should be quiet and peaceful so that the other can hear you completely. The pictures reflect the old time in your lives and rejuvenate the memories. Also choose and practice your posture in advance. The way of getting a picture clicked should not make any of you uncomfortable. Make it sweet and adorable as it is only going to be remembered later on. What should be visible in the posture is the love and care for each other and the softness of the relation.

4. Dress Code: For your engagement ideas related to party you can assign a dress code for the guests. For instance the relative’s from the bride’s side would wear black suit with a blue tie and those from the groom’s side will wear the black suit with a red tie. Then make sure that bride has something blue in her attire. It can be the solitaire, necklace or the jewellery or band. Also the groom should have something red in his attire which may be his tie or a bow or cuff ling or a tie pin as a symbol to indicate. It would make your party more interesting and loving. With the delicious dishes and desserts around the air in the party hall will fill with the colors of warmness and love.

5. Party Hard: Party is finally the stage where you both can officially be engaged in front of your known ones. It needs to be very special so that everybody present there can feel the essence of love in the air. For engagement party ideas you can consult various theme decorators. To suggest some you can have a party wherein each guest is requested to carry a bottle of wine or champagne with him or her and then the bottles are exchanged over there resulting into that each one carry a different bottle back to home. The party can be themed with colors of love i.e. red and white and the hall can be decorated with red roses. There can be cherries at every corner to go with the color scheme and also marshmallow lamp in white color. This is how the color scheme can be planned to give a beautiful look around.

When you are with your partner and you have all the understanding and love between you then even a simple day will become an occasion for you. Love is that energy or support which keeps you standing firmly because you realize that you are not living only your life instead you are leading a shared life. There is nothing special than making your partner realize that you are a true lover. And when you will have that pure and honest feeling within you then your each and every unique idea will sound so creative and caring. So these unique ideas are to turn your special day more special. Love is not the fruit of the tree which can be eaten if you wish to, it is the shade which will support you all the way.